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This week we have seen Foursquare roll lout a completely new look and feel update for the iSO7, that optimises  both push notifications and personal recommendations.

The new update allows Foursquare users to receive information and tips about what is going on in the area they have checked into. It also now asks the Foursquare user questions in the upper slide screen about the check in. All you need to do is tap the tab and then answer the question and chose one of the options available. Quick, simple which makes the users more inclined to engage and participate.


So when you check in you have access to far more information, reviews and tips, which is great for everyday use and for travel. I really like the layout and format of the upgrade. It is clean and very easy to use.

It is also much easier to contact one of your followers via Twitter, Facebook or email (if the data is filled out).

You can now also ask Foursquare about a restaurant in the area or a popular dish right through to travellers wanting to know what are the best places to visit, as well as having the Foursquare providing the users with push notifications on advise.

For more information about the update head to: blog.foursquare.com

We are not that far away from users recieving  push notifications from  nearby restaurants or retailers offering specials and bonus offers via Foursquare to get your business, based on your previous history of cheek-ins.

To find out more visit blog.foursquare.com.


Stephen Duggan is the Chief Engagement Officer at the SocialTonik. The Company help’s businesses across the globe to create, connect and engage with their communities by creating on-line social experiences that integrate business intelligence, social networks & mobile technologies. Our mission is to provide interactive solutions to assist organisation’s to optimise their on-line presence and to drive this medium to its fullest potential by developing tailor made on-line strategies for our clients to ensure their objectives and outcomes are achieved.



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